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Tweens (the inbetween age) Portraits

There is an age that isn't quite a child but isn't at the age of a teenager. We like to call them the #Tween years. It is the ages between 8-12 or until age 14 (the awkward years). We managed to capture some of these beautiful young ladies right before they turned 13. This is the time in their lives where they are finding their #style, who they are, who they can trust and can be a tumultuous time for some and especially for the parents.

tween: short for #tweenager


For me, I love this age because I get a chance to make them feel beautiful or handsome, and very important. Building their self esteem for the future. This generation is forcing me to pump up my creativity and when working with 6 girls that was a fun challenge. This is the last time these humans are considered kids or even like to hang out with their parents all together. I know some of these girls love to hang out with their momma's but will that be the same in a year or so?

Photography is so powerful and this generation knows this and knows social media and most know how to pose since they practice in the mirror daily. Tweens don't really do pictures until #Senior year (twelfth grade). Give them a huge self-esteem boost and book a single session for your tween or do what my friend Christi did have have some of their closest friends join in (so much fun!)

For a limited time book a session for just $99 regularly $150 and bring up to 2 friends!.


Offer ends Dec. 31, 2018

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