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Portrait Information

1. It all starts by contacting me on the website using the contact page. 

2. The next step would be the pre-session consultation  where we go over everything from your clothing (Pinterest ideas), product design/colors particular to your home and wants, discuss locations and most of all get to know you and you get to know me. Overall, I want my clients to be the most knowledgeable they can be about their investment in April Spaulding Photography. I may ask you to photograph your walls before the session or send over pictures of clothing you want so we can coordinate everything to match your decor.

3. Now we will schedule your session if it already hasn't been done. If there is bad weather don't worry I usually keep 1-2 days open during the week for reschedules. We would only reschedule of there were a high chance or rain or high winds. But if you are feeling lousy please call and we can work on finding the next available date. In the summer I like to photograph from 8 am to 11 am during the week and one weekend a month.


4. At the session time please bring your calendar because at the same time we will also schedule your in home design and ordering session (preview) which will follow about 2-3 weeks after the session. This will take place at your home so we can properly choose the right size images for your walls. Here we will need everyone present who wishes to order and have a say in the selection process. If they cannot attend we should reschedule immediately for an additional fee. We ask please have a sitter for young children as we want your full attention and emotion on the images. We will use your HDMI enabled television to display your images from my Ipad or laptop.

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