It all starts with a phone call to our studio or by contacting us through our contact page on the website. The next step would be the pre-session consultation where we go over everything from your clothing, product design particular to your home and wants, discuss locations and backgrounds and most of all get to know you and you get to know me. Overall, I want my clients to be the most knowledgable they can be about their investment in April Spaulding Photography. Here we will schedule your session if it already hasn't been done. At this time we will also schedule your design and ordering session which will follow about 1-2 weeks after the session. Here we will need everyone present who wishes to order and have a say in the selection process. We ask please leave the young kiddos at home as we want your full attention and emotion on the images.










Arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. Be advised that there is someone usually scheduled before and after you: therefore, if you are late it will cut into your session time.


Do not forget the bottle and the munchies! (Remember, bottled babies might want not only milk but water, juice and formula.) A full tummy makes everything better.


A good expression on every face is the very hard to get in the family portrait if everyone didn't get the proper sleep or felt hurried. Organize everything and everyone the day before the session so they don't fee hurried or hassled. This will ensure good expressions! 


Tiny babies can't sit, so when they lie down even the cutest clothes bunch, ride up and distract from the expression on their face. We advise to focus on diaper covers for infants and newborns. And accessorize with hats, headbands and ribbons and bows for the WOW factor. A hat makes a wonderful frame to an adorable face. We have lots of accessories but some of your special ones are always welcome.


Have your clothing grouped together by outfit and on hangers. Also, if you plan to put on make-up or style your hair at the studio you will need to arrive early enough to be ready at your session time.


Many babies and toddlers despise having their clothes changed so we recommend no more than two clothing options. 


If you want to look slimmer, choose darker colors and longer sleeves! If you don't like your arms, wear long sleeves; if you don't like your legs, where pants or a long skirt. If you don't like your eyes wear sun glasses..okay just kidding but you get the point.


For maternity pictures we suggest that you be photographed in your seventh or eighth month. Black is always flattering; its warming and minimizes areas you do not want to emphasize. A white button up men's shirt is fun too as we can let your tummy poke out. Remember to schedule ahead and you should also schedule your newborn session at this time too!